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Wheels in Wheels Sportive (UK) Event T&C’S

All riders must be 12 years of age on the day of the event to participate (under eighteens must have permission from their parent/legal guardian and must be accompanied by a nominated adult over 18’ years old at all times during the ride, who has signed on the event)

Rider’s numbers must be correctly displayed at all times for official identification during the whole event

No accompanying vehicles are allowed to follow riders. Any participant failing to observe this regulation will be withdrawn from the event.

The participant understands and accepts that this event is not a race or trial of speed, but a personal challenge and as such there will be no list published which sorts riders either in finishing time or finishing position order. An alphabetical list of finishers and times will be published.

The wearing of Hard Shell Style Helmets is compulsory for riders under the age of eighteen and riders over eighteen are encouraged to do the same.

The participant understands and agrees that they participate in this event entirely at their own risk, that they must rely on their own ability in dealing with all hazards, and that they must ride in a manner which is safe to themselves and others.

The participant agrees that no liability whatsoever shall attach to The Company, the promoter, promoting club/organisation, event sponsor any event official or member or member of the promoting club/organisation in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by them in or by reason of the event, unless such injury, loss or damage is proven to be caused by the negligence of the aforementioned.

The participant must obey the Highway Code Rules and any rider found to be contravening these Rules or Event Official’s instructions will be disqualified from the event. Please be courteous to all other road users and fellow cyclists.

Please note our marshals, helpers and support staff have no power or authority to stop traffic, and are there for your safety, pay attention at all times and please obey their instructions.

The Event organizers reserve the right to terminate an individual’s ride on health and safety grounds, re-route, cancel or stop the event due to safety reasons. The event will go ahead regardless of weather conditions. Entry fees, however, are not refundable.

Riders must ensure that their bicycles are in good mechanical order and that handlebars are of the conventional design (no tri-bars, aero-bars, clip-ons, prayer bars, cows bars or Spinachi design), ATB’s may have bar ends fitted. Any parts and/or tools supplied by The Company and/or its representatives in order to assist an entrant in completing the event are used and operated totally at the entrant’s risk.

Allocated start times must be adhered to, later starts can be arranged.

Applications are strictly personal; firm and binding and fees shall not be refunded for any reason. Applications can, under no circumstances, be transferred to another person, whatever the reasons.